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  1. "Best Paper" prize from the Japanese EC society

    Mon 11 December 2017
    By Claus

    Last weekend we participated at the 2017 Symposium of the Japanese Society for Evolutionary Computation. Our group presented two posters by Yuri Lavinas and Felipe Andrade, and we were also honored with the "Best Paper" prize for the work:

    Claus Aranha, Felipe Campelo, Lucas Batista, "Understanding Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms through …

  2. New Papers!

    Tue 28 November 2017
    By Claus

    I am happy to add three new papers to the Publication list:

    Master Student Takato Kimura got "Automatic Crack Detection in Infrastructure Inspection Using Fully Convolutional Networks" accepted to the Transactions on Modeling journal of the Information Processing Society of Japan. Congratulations!

    PhD exchange Student Felipe Andrade, and Research Student …

  3. James Webb Space Telescope Talk by Northrop Grumman

    Thu 16 November 2017
    By Claus

    Last week I had the pleasure of hosting a talk by Northrop Grumman (NG) about the James Webb Space Telescope (JSWT).

    JWST is an amazing satellite which will be placed at the second Lagrange Point (L2), over three times farther away from Earth than the Moon, to observe the earliest …

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