Articles by Claus

  1. Artificial Life Research

    Every year the [College of Information Science] offers the "Special Exercise" class, in which 2nd year students can propose any year-long implementation project they want to do, so long as a professor is willing to supervise that project.

    For some reason, three students this year have asked me to supervise …

  2. MOEADr Package Released

    I am happy to announce the release of the MOEADr package, a collaborative effort between me, [Felipe Capelo] and [Lucas Batista].

    MOEADr is a R package that implements a component oriented-approach to Multi Objective Evolutionary Algorithms based on Decomposition (MOEA/D). This package allows you to easily assemble a multi-objective …

  3. Musing on testing and AI

    Recently I've been reading "Test-Driven Development by Example" to improve my understanding of how to write tests while developing packages. The book is extremely insightful and even fun to read, and It made me think the following tangent: Could tests be used as a guideline to drive a self-programming system …

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