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  1. Updated Server, everything exploded :-)

    I have updated my webserver and, as you can see, everything exploded. (something to do with wrong permissions in wordpress :-/)

    Of course, this week is terribly busy (Kakenhi application, organizing a Local Conference, New Students), so I have patched up the worse offenders, but it will take some time before …

  2. Added a "Downloads" page

    You can see the new Downloads page in the top menu. In it I plan to add some useful tidbits, such as source code, exercises, images, etc. Right now, all it has is the lecture nodes for an intensive course I did next year.

    UPDATE 2016-04-13: I have changed my …

  3. New information on "Research" and "Study in Japan" pages.

    I have updated the "Research" and "Study in Japan" pages in the website.

    The "research" page now gives more concrete info about the research lines I'm currently following. If you are interested in collaborating with me in any of those lines, please feel free to drop me a line!

    The …

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