ACM-ICPC Programming Contest

The ACM-ICPC is the world-wide programming competition between universities. The goal is to write programs (in C++ or Java) to solve hard algorithmic/mathematical problems in 5 hours. Teams are composed of three students who share a single computer.

If you are interested in proving that the students of Tsukuba University are among the best programmers in the whole world, please contact me. I am always happy to supervise teams and help students train for this contest.

The important dates for 2017 are:

  • Team registration deadline: 2017/06/30
  • Japanese Online Domestic Contest: 2017/07/14

Any undergraduate or 1st year Master degree student from the university of Tsukuba is elligible. Team must be composed of exacly three students, but they can be from different programs. International students are also elligible.

If you want to assemble a team, please send me the following information by e-mail before the registration deadline:

  • Names in Japanese and Roman letters for all team members
  • Contact e-mail addresses for all team members
  • Team name (Roman letters)

And enjoy a fun and challenging competition! The best teams in Tsukuba are invited to participate in the asian semi-finals (usually in Taiwan).

Past Events

I have worked as the team coach/supervisor for the University of Tsukuba since 2012. Our students had some great achievements, including two participations in the World Finals! Here are our previous achievements:


In 2012, the Japanese Regional was in Tokyo Olympic Center, and we participated in the Taiwan Regional in Kaoshiung.

Teams: "_(:3 _| /_ )_ Highlights:


In 2013, the Japanese Regional was in Aizu University, and we participate in the Taiwan Regional in XXXXXXXXXXX.

Teams: pipe.txt, Titekikohkishinman, Pink Coders, urandom, R@nR@n





Useful Links

These are some interesting/informative links for the ICPC:

Online Judges:

For more information, consult the Wikipedia Page or the Official Contest Page.