C.Aranha Research Page


I am an assistant professor at the the University of Tsukuba, Department of Computer Science and the College of Information Sciences.


I am interested in researching the question of How can we make a computer program create things?. More specifically, I am interested in the theory and practice of Evolutionary Computation, in particular in the following topics:

  • Programs that create Programs:
    • Genetic Programming, Combinatoric Program Composition, Other approaches;
    • Auto-adaptive Evolutionary Algorithms;
  • Programs that create Neural Networks:
    • Optimization of Network weights and network structures using Evolutionary Algorithms;
  • Programs that create Worlds
    • Simulation of Evolutionary Systems, Multi-Agent alife simulations;

I am also interested in real world applications of these ideas. See my research page for more details on my current and wishlisted projects.


In the College of Information Sciences I teach two classes at the moment: "Maths for Computer Sciences" (English), based on the MIT OCW class of the same name, and "Programming Challenges" (Japanese), which uses ICPC-style exercises to teach programming techniques. The education page contains details about these three courses.

If you are interested in joining my laboratory as a graduate student, please see the details on the join page.


A more formal list of publications, ({filename}about.md) page.