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2017-12-29 Paper Accepted on the Journal of Natural Disaster Sciences
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2017-11-16 James Webb Space Telescope Talk by Northrop Grumman
2017-09-15 Intensive Course on Game Programming with PICO-8
2017-07-18 Tsukuba participated in the Japanese domestic stage of the ICPC!
2017-07-10 New Grant Awarded
2017-05-02 Artificial Life Research
2017-03-17 MOEADr Package Released
2017-03-01 Musing on testing and AI
2016-04-18 Thinkering and Research (a response)
2016-04-14 'The Guardian' published an analysis of its comments.
2016-02-19 Prospective Master Students: Dream bigger!
2015-10-30 Computer Art class in Iwaki
2015-04-17 My position on class attendance
2014-07-16 Great Results in the ACM-ICPC local selection.
2013-12-17 CCS High Performance Computing Winter Seminar 2013
2013-10-03 Visit to Fukunaga's Laboratory
2013-07-30 Random Knapsack Problems Datasets
2013-06-02 Genetic Algorithm for Model Designs
2013-01-31 Scientific Reproducibility
2013-01-10 College of Information Science opens study plan for the "Science Without Borders" scholarship
2012-04-20 What is Evolutionary Computation?