Wrapping-up 2022


To finsh 2022, last week we had the graduation ceremony for the university of Tsukuba. Five students graduated from my group: Two PhD studens (Yuri and Yifan), one Master Student (Fabio), and two undergraduate students (Kobayashi and Kamimura -- although they will continue to the master degree)

A collage of graduation pictures, featuring five students holding their diplomas. I am standing next to the student in some of those pictures.

Also, this month I participated in the Study in Japan fair in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Lima (Peru), where I had the chance to talk to students from those countries who want to study in Japan, and answer their questions about entrance examinations, scholarships, etc. It was a very intense event (12 days, counting both fairs and the travel time between Japan and both countries), but it was rewarding.

Let's see what 2023 will bring us!

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