Alumni of our research group

I am very grateful for all the students that I had the pleasure to supervise in different forms over the years.

This list is probably incomplete. If you were part of our research group, either as a regular or a short term student, and your name is not here, please accept my apologies, and feel free to contact me to correct that.

On the other hand, if for any reason you would rather not be listed in this page, let me know and I'll remove your name promptly, no questions asked.

Name Type Graduation Year
Alexandre Mascarenhas Master Degree 2023
Mario Tsukassa Sato Master Degree 2023
Hyunji Kim Undergraduate 2023
Marie-Almina Gindre Exchange Student 2023
Elea Claude Jacquin Exchange Student 2023
Tayeb Mohamed Akkar Exchange Student 2023
Maxwell Keller Exchange Student 2023
Yuri Lavinas PhD Student 2022
Yifan He PhD Student 2022
Fabio Henrique Tanaka Master Degree 2022
Kamimura Ryota Undergraduate 2022
Kobayashi Yuta Undergraduate 2022
Alexis Moins Exchange Student 2022
Youri Chancrin Exchange Student 2022
Abe Mitsuteru Master Degree 2021
Haku Ro Master Degree 2021
Daigo Sakai Master Degree 2021
Yusuf Senel Exchange Student 2021
Maxence Bazin Exchange Student 2021
Mohiuddeen Khan Exchange Student 2021
Eduardo Hauck Master Degree 2020
Jair Pereira Master Degree 2020
Kobayashi Yuta Master Degree 2020
Tamaki Shunsuke Master Degree 2020
Mitsuhiko Shiota Undergraduate 2020
Clément Chenevas-Paule Exchange Student 2020
Adrien Celerier Exchange Student 2020
Thomas Alexaline Exchange Student 2020
Mael Gaslene Exchange Student 2020
Kazuma Sawada Master Degree 2019
Yuki Nishio Master Degree 2019
Mei Tianwei Master Degree 2019
張 篠溪 Master Degree 2019
Daigo Sakai Undergraduate 2019
Joao Guilherme Exchange Student 2019
Arthur Um Exchange Student 2019
Theo Loubet Exchange Student 2019
Estelle Chigot Exchange Student 2019
Pierre Douet Exchange Student 2019
Takumi Tanabe Independent Research 2019
Dongqing Zhao PhD Degree 2018
Dongwei Wu Master Degree 2018
Ryo Iwasa Master Degree 2018
Takahiro Ishikawa Master Degree 2018
Takuto Kono Master Degree 2018
Takuya Ikeda Master Degree 2018
Yuya Togashi Master Degree 2018
Zichao Li Master Degree 2018
Yang Che-Yuan Exchange Student 2018
Caroline Schmitz Exchange Student 2018
Felipe Santos Exchange Student 2018
Nathan Lesne Exchange Student 2018
Thomas Barre-Pitous Exchange Student 2018
Kuzasawa Kawamo Master Degree 2017
Yateng Yang Master Degree 2017
Takato Kimura Master Degree 2017
Benoit Cortier Exchange Student 2017
Sica Takou Exchange Student 2017
Andres Zuleta Exchange Student 2017
Viet Le-ho Exchange Student 2017
Sylvain Dupoi Exchange Student 2017
Keita Toda Master Degree 2016
Bian Cheng Master Degree 2016
Huang Han Exchange Student 2016
Mitchell Miller Exchange Student 2016
Maxime Pacaud Exchange Student 2016
Bastien Hoffstetter Exchange Student 2016