Looking back at 2022


Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023! I hope the year of the rabbit brings cool things for everyone.

Here is a post looking back on the publications that I was a part of last year.

The publication I'm most proud of the last year is not exactly a scientific paper, although it distills really well how I think about science. It is my short story submission to Lana's Fiction Science contest:

And the publication that already got the most citations was the "open letter" that the "bestiary gang" (Felipe, Soresen, etc) publised to push against metaphor metaheuristics. I guess rants do attract attention!

On the same topic, Jair started publishing his results on techniques for automatically comparing and categorizing different metaheuristics:

  • "Empirical Similarity Measure for Metaheuristics", Jair Pereira Junior, Claus Aranha, BIOMA, 2022-11

The DWARF collaboration (Me, Romain, and our students) published two papers on the intersection of subsurface models and evolutionary computation:

Yuri got the results of his SPECIES internship in the UK out of his system with several papers, some of which got nominated for awards in Evostar and GECCO:

And Abe summarized his master thesis work in this AAMAS paper about multi-agent simulation of anti-covid policies. One cool thing about this paper is that it was the first time where I actively got several students contributing on the same work. Each of them proposed a different simulation scenario, and we published a comparison analysis of that:

Talking about students, Mohiuddeen did a short online internship at our group, and the following paper was the result. Unfortunately, it did not get accepted at IEEE-COG, but it is a work that certainly deserves extra effort:

And the Minecraft Settlement Generation group published a summary of the past challenges, which I usually participate with international interns. This is another really cool piece of work:

About City Generation, this year I started a partnership with USP to work on generative urban design. Luiz will join our laboratory next year as a MEXT scholar, so I expect to see much more of this:

In the last year and a half, Yifan has started a very cool work on a continuiously improving GP system, and got some initial publications on that. I hope to continue working on this in 2023.

Last but not least, the paper that gets the prize for most interesting figures, Fabio's work on soft robots. I do hope some of the new students pick up on his work after he graduates.

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