MOEADr Package Released

I am happy to announce the release of the MOEADr package, a collaborative effort between me, [Felipe Capelo] and [Lucas Batista].

MOEADr is a R package that implements a component oriented-approach to Multi Objective Evolutionary Algorithms based on Decomposition (MOEA/D). This package allows you to easily assemble a multi-objective optimization algorithm by picking and choosing from many components from the MOEA/D literature, along with their parameters. The package will return a list of pareto-optimal solutions to the problem generated with the algorithm composition you designed.

You can use MOEADr to solve a multi-optimization problem, or as a framework to automatically develop, test and compare new MOEA algorithms. Expect blog entries with tutorials on the use of this tool in the future.

You can get the MOEADr package directly from [CRAN] or from our [Github repository].