Tsukuba participated in the Japanese domestic stage of the ICPC!

Last friday, July 14th, was held the Japanese domestic online stage of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition (ICPC). The ICPC is one of the oldest and most prestigious programming competitions, and Tsukuba has been participating in it every year since 2012 (and a few years before that as well).

This time, we had four teams participating. All teams managed to solve at least 3 of the 8 problems, but because of the fierce competition, only one team was classified for the Japanese regionals in December.

I think the problems this year had an interesting variety, specially in the mid tier. The three teams that solved 4 problems were working on different 5th problems when the final bell rang, and we had some lively discussion about the unsolved problems after the end of the contest.

ICPC Image

Hopefully we can practice enough until December to get a shot at the World Finals!