Paper Accepted on the Journal of Natural Disaster Sciences

Fri 29 December 2017
By Claus

One last good news to end this year in a great note, the Journal of Natural Disaster Sciences accepted the following paper:

Claus Aranha, Hiromu Matsushima, Hitoshi Kanoh, "Information Exchange Model for Multi-Agent Earthquake/Tsunami Evacuation Simulation", Journal of Natural Disaster Sciences, Vol 38, No 2 (December 2017)

The paper describes a multi-agent simulation of the evacuation procedures following an Earthquake or Tsunami, focusing on how these agents talk to each other and influence the evacuation (for example, people asking for directions or urging others to move away from dangerous locations). Our hopes is that this model can help people design better evacuation procedures to mitigate the damage from these disasters.

It will take a few more weeks working with the Journal editor until the paper is available online, but you can ask me for preprints in the meanwhile!